total knee repalcement

Knee Replacement Surgery Near Me, Los Angeles CA

If your knee has been impaired by arthritis or an injury and nonsurgical treatments like walking supports or using medications are not forthcoming, you might want to consider total knee replacement surgery. At our practice, we offer a safe and effective total knee replacement procedure to correct leg irregularity, reduce pain, and help you resume daily activities.

What Is Total Knee Replacement?

Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure used to reverberate an injured knee by arthritis with artificial material. Here are some benefits of a total knee replacement surgery:

  • The procedure helps you manage pain.
  • The procedure improves your performance at work.
  • The procedure helps you to use your knee fully.
  • The procedure increases your mobility.

Procedure For Total Knee Replacement

Our experts begin the procedure by starting an intravenous (IV) line in your hand or arm. Our specialists insert a urinary catheter. If you have excess hair in the surgical area, it will be shaved off. Our anesthesiologist will monitor your blood pressure, breathing, heart rate, and blood oxygen level during the surgery. 

Furthermore, our experienced team cleans the skin over the surgical area with an antiseptic solution. We will make an incision in the affected knee. Our experts will remove the knee joint’s damaged surfaces and reverberate the joint with the prosthesis. The knee prosthesis is made up of plastic and metal. 

In our practice, we use cemented prostheses instead of an uncemented prosthesis; this is because cemented prosthesis bond to the bone with surgical cement while uncemented prosthesis bonds to the bone with a porous exterior which the bone grows to attach to the prosthesis.

In some cases, we use a combination of the two types to replace a knee. Our specialists close the incision with surgical staples or stitches. Our experienced team places a drain in the incision site to take out fluid. Our specialist applies a dressing or sterile bandage.

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